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Hong Kong Real Estate as an Investment

Real estate in Hong Kong is regarded as one of the costliest as well as the lucrative in the world. Buildings and land in Hong Kong form a significant portion of the city’s wealth and economy. Many of the posh destinations in the area claim to have record prices. According to some recent publications, the property price in the city has rose to more than HK$ 27000 per sq ft or more than HK$ 2300 per sq mt. It is estimated that even a small house or apartment in the dull areas of the city costs more than two million Hong Kong dollars. Besides, due to its attractive tax system, many international business firms and corporations find their way to Hong Kong for the establishment of their innovative projects. This in turn has led to great demand for high grade industrial and residential real estate in the city.

Nowadays, great choices as well as potential are made available for those who are interested in real estate investment in Hong Kong. Additionally, real estate in Hong Kong provides great benefits to investors. The main advantage is that investing in a property in the city allows you to have access to world’s one of the established markets. Another worth mentioning benefit of investing in a real estate here is that not any kind of restrictions have been imposed on international investors to buy a property or asset.

Further, buying a real estate in Hong Kong is considered one of the best options for long term investment, as it can undoubtedly fetch you huge profits. You may invest in residential real estate including house, condo, penthouse, and villa, in order rent it out. By way of renting out the property, it can fetch you a minimum of at least HK$ 100,000 per year.

Since the city is a former British colony, its property law is structured on the basis of English law. Every process in connection with acquiring of a property in the place is governed by Conveyancing and Ordinance. This in turn has attracted many European real estate investors. A specialty of Hong Kong Property Law is that all of the property found here belongs to government, ie, all real estate in Hong Kong is held under leasehold title. Hence, those who are interested in property investment buy an agreement or a lease for a period ranging from 50 to 999 years.

We are ready to help you find and buy your dream property in Hong Kong. In addition, we are supported by the services of professional lawyers to help you in effectively carrying out buying procedures, such as agreement process, listing on the Hong Kong Land Registry or Hong Kong Companies Registry, tax matters, and negotiation of purchase. So, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.


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