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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is renowned as one of the best international trade and financial centres in the world. Apart from having one of the most influential economies in the world, its stunning harbour view and impressive nightscape also make Hong Kong to be named "Pearl of the Orient" and hence a great place for people of all nationalities to visit and stay.

Well known for its blended culture, Hong Kong has long been described as a place “where East meets West”.  Various things such as food, art, lifestyle and religion all bear imprints of a mixture of eastern and western influences.


Hong Kong's weather is characterized by four distinct seasons, with the climate influenced in winter by the north-northeast monsoon and in summer by the south-southwest monsoon.  Being sub-tropical in nature, the city experiences fluctuating temperature, rainfall and humidity throughout the year.


Hong Kong spreads out over 1,104 square kilometres on the southern coast of China.  It covers Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories, including 262 outlying islands.  Hong Kong Island lies south of Kowloon Peninsula and the two are separated by Victoria Harbour, one of the world's most renowned deep-water harbours.  The New Territories lie north of Kowloon and run up to the border with mainland China at Lo Wu.  Situated at the south-eastern tip of China, it serves as a principle trade gateway for businessmen who want to gain entrance to the huge market of mainland China.


Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, having almost 7 million citizens of which 95% are Chinese.  Owing to the high coverage of mountains over the region, only 30% of the total area of land is inhabitable, making land a premium in the city and appealing to international investors.  Population is ageing rapidly in Hong Kong due primarily to the low birth rates as a result of the high education costs, lack of living space as well as a trend to marry late.  By 2033, the local government predicts Hong Kong residents a life expectancy at birth of 82.5 years for male and 88 years for females, ranking second in the world after Japan.


Both Cantonese and English are official languages in Hong Kong, with the majority being native Cantonese speakers.  Since English is a universal language, it is also widely spoken and understood, particularly amongst the business and commercial sectors.  Mandarin has become increasingly important and prevalent recently in daily communication as Hong Kong returned to the mainland China a decade ago.


Eating out is always regarded as a way of truly experiencing a city’s culture and lifestyle.  In Hong Kong, almost every cuisine in the world can be found, from Asian to Italian and French to Mexican, with prices ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the districts and types of cuisine.  With thousands of restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines, there is no exaggeration in regarding Hong Kong as one of the best cities in the world for dining out.


The overall literacy rate in Hong Kong is high and a big portion of the government's budget is spent on education.  Hong Kong has been providing local children with 9-year free and compulsory education through public primary & secondary schools. (6-year primary education followed by 3-year junior secondary education)  However, almost all children of expats in Hong Kong are used to go to fee-paying international schools which follow the curriculum prescribed by their home countries.

Public Transport

With one of the most comprehensive and organized public transport system in the world, getting around in Hong Kong is extremely fast, efficient and easy for even inexperienced travellers. All transport modes in Hong Kong except taxi can be paid by using a contactless smartcard called the Octopus card, which is equipped with a store-value feature and widely used nowadays throughout the territory.


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